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Nikkei Heritage 

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Books and Publications

Growing Up Asian in America
By Clifford I. Uyeda.

Clifford Uyeda is a longtime activist and leader in the Japanese American community. In SUSPENDED, he reflects upon his coming of age during the tumultuous years before and during WWII. Part meditation on the problems of race, part declaration for healing and understanding, SUSPENDED is a thoughtful and moving account of one man's struggle to find a place in America.

"Through this personal account of his early years, Clifford Uyeda presents an authentic portrait of growing up Nisei in the 1930s and 1940s. His recollections are candid, insightful and reveal the dilemma many Nisei faced during this difficult time."
- James Hirabayashi, Ph.D.

$14.95, 247 pp. ISBN 1-881506-10-X


The Rice Cooker's Companion:
Japanese American Food and Stories
Edited by Gayle T. Nishikawa with a forward by Evelyn Nakano Glenn

More than just a cookbook!
Japanese Amerian recipes and reminiscences about food, eating and celebrations from the pre-war to the present.

-Favorite recipes from the hearts and homes of Japanese American families
-Potluck specialties
-Generational and regional adaptations
-History and traditions behind Japanese American businesses in the food industry

$20, 188 pp. ISBN 1-881506-09-6


Japanese American Women: 
Three Generations, 1890-1990.

by Mei Nakano. Co-published with Mina Press. Historical survey of Japanese American women through three generations. 256 pp. pb. ISBN 0-9460-7.
ISBN 0-94261006-7.



Reminiscing In Swingtime: Japanese Americans In American Popular Music, 1925-1960.  
by George Yoshida. Anecdotes from musicians and singers inspired by America’s big band sound.
149 photos, 300 pp. ISBN 1-881506-08-8.



Due Process: Americans of Japanese Ancestry and the United Sates Constitution.
An easy to follow chronology of American concentration camps with full page photographs..Special sections on Constitutional issues. 112pp. Revised version. 1995. ISBN 1-551506-04-5.



The Pacific War and Peace: Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Military Intelligence Service, 1941 -1952. Summary of the Nisei MISers role in the Pacific Theatre with rare photos. 95 pp. 1991.



The Bill of Rights and the Japanese American World War II Experience.
Complete teacher’s guide on the eviction and incarceration experience. 96 pp. Grades 4 to 12.



Years of Infamy.  
by Michi Weglyn. a detailed account of
government documents revealing the government’s reasoning behind America’s concentration camps. ISBN 0-688-07996-2.



Baseball Saved Us.  
by Ken Mochizuki and Dom Lee. A Japanese American boy learns to play baseball when he and his family are forced to live in an internment camp. ISBN 1-880000-19-9.

$6.95 pb, $15.95 hb.


Making Peace: The Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  
Historical overview with time line, oral histories, and classroom activities on peace making and the ethics of war. 1995. 48pp. grades 4 to 12. ISBN 1-881506-07-X.



Moving Walls.  
by Sharon Yamato. Preserving the barracks of America’s concentration camps. ISBN 98-96167.



Japanese American Oral History Guide.  
Step by step guide to oral history interviews. Preparation, interviews, and transcriptions are described in detail with Japanese American subjects in mind. 21pp. ISBN 11-881506-01-0.



The Nisei Soldier: Historical Essays on WWII and the Korean War
By Col. Edwin M. Nakasone

The essays by a professor of Asian American history, who witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor and is a retired U.S. Army colonel who served with the occupation force of Japan, chronicles the exploits of these brave soldiers as they fought for their country despite being distrusted and incarcerated and otherwise deprived of their civil rights by the US government.

$19.95 ISBN 0-9660111-5-5

Nisei Voices Japanese American Students of the 1930s—Then & Now
By Joyce Hirohata & Paul T. Hirohata, ed.

Nisei Voices celebrates the lives of the first Japanese American valedictorians of public schools in the 1930s. Through interviews with the students, 160 images and 50 graduation speeches, Nisei Voices creates a collage of the students' lives and lends a powerful, personal perspective of Japanese Americans before, during and
after World War II, and the decades that followed.

"A recommended addition to your list, particularly if you have parents, grandparents or friends from that generation."—Les Hata and John Handa, Co-Chairs of the San Francisco JACL

$24.95, Softbound, 288 pages, 160 black and white photographs, ISBN 0-9728149-0-6



Uncommon Courage :
Patriotism and Civil Liberties Video Packet

For the first time, the story of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) during World War II and the Occupation of Japan is told. Thousands of MIS soldiers, primarily Japanese American, fought for the United States in the Pacific interrogating Japanese prisoners, translating document, intercepting communications, and infiltrating enemy lines. Narrated by Ken Kashiwahara. Produced, written and directed by gayle yamada (2001).

$29.95, Video
$15.00,Teacher's Guide

Caught in Between: What to Call Home in Times of War

As the Arab, Muslim, South Asian communities face post-911 repression, this
documentary captures Muslim and Japanese American communities revisiting the
dark days of the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.
Interviews with former internees, their children, religious leaders,
citizens and immigrants from Japanese and Muslim American communities are
woven together to make crucial connections between then and the current "War
on Terrorism". Caught in Between tells a story about people who have been
made the enemy, questions "freedom" in the USA, and captures the power of
people standing together to fight for civil liberties and human rights.

$30, Specify VHS (English only) or DVD (English with Japanese subtitle.)


Now available, educational CD-ROM!
Children of the Camps:
An American Story of Civil Liberties

The CD-ROM is a prototype educational project which uses exciting new multimedia technologies to teach school children the history of the internment period. In addition, the CD-ROM features the stories of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the Military Intelligence Service, and highlights the Immigration and Settlement period of Japanese American history. The CD-ROM is now available for a donation of $25, and the proceeds will go towards educational programs.

Children of the Camps Documentary Video and Teacher's Guide are also available.


Prejudice and Patriotism: The Story of Japanese American Military Intelligence Service
during WW II. With an introduction by Colin Powell. By Chris Kobayashi and Calvin Roberts

Suggested donation $25.00

Temporarily out of stock


Fifty Years of Silence: The Untold Story of Japanese American Soldiers in the Pacific Theater, 1941-1952.  
Produced and directed by Sheryl K. Narahara. Narrated by Lane Nishikawa. 60 min.



Mission in Manila: The Sakakida Story 
His five year odyssey of capture, torture, escape and eventual liberation of 500 Filipino resistance fighters, is revealed in this exclusive interview. Directed by P. Hara. 20 min.






Other Resources

Hiroshima Maidens

Postcard: Hiroshima Maidens


Postcard: Threads of Remembrance



Eviction Posters.  
Full-sized replica poster of the Civilian Exclusion Orders (San Francisco, CA).



Internment Camp Class Kit.  
Includes 36 velcro backed photos and text for display, shadow boxes of things found and made in camps, and classroom activities with supplies which engage students to think about the eviction and internment of Japanese Americans. Grades 4 to 12.

$30.00 for two-week period ($50.00 deposit required).


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