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Community Resources

  • Nihonmachi Outreach Committee - A Japanese American community activist organization located in San Jose, CA
  • The online A Magazine
  • The online Giant Robot magazine, "Asian pop culture and beyond."
  • Hapa Issues Forum - Provide a voice for people of mixed race & create a coalition between campus and community.
  • Tomodachi Club - Promote Japanese-American cultural awareness through social events and community service.
  • Heritage Source Bookseller - Specializing in Japanese and Japanese American titles for all ages in the English language.
  • Japanese American Citizen's League
  • The Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego


  • Americans of Japanese Ancestry War Veterans - List veterans from wars from the WWII to the Korean War, with particular attention to the 100th/442nd and the MIS.
  • Japanese American geneology
  • Japanese American geneology
  • National Archives - House many documents relating to War Relocation authority records, immigration records, and more.
  • Bancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley - Large collection of photographs and documents relating to Japanese American internment and area experiences.
  • Library of Congress

Previous and Current Partners

  • National Parks Conservation Association (Diversity Program)
  • National Parks Service (Park Partners)
  • Golden gate National Recreational Area (part of the National Park Service) - NJAHS is an official Park Partner.
  • Oakland Museum of California in Oakland, California
  • Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles


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