Military Intelligence Service
Military Intelligence Service
General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the "Tiger of Malaya, flanked by MIS Nisei Tad Ichinokuchi on the left and Lt. General Muto on the right.

Under cloak of secrecy, a clandestine language school was established at the Presidio of San Francisco on November 1, 1941, to train Japanese American recruits as soldier linguists and translators in the Pacific Theater of War. These Japanese Americans served throughout the world and in the occupation of Japan.

  • Shown at: Defense Language Institute (Monterey, CA)

  • Contents: 90 framed black and white framed photographs, text and title (20" x 24").

  • Interpretive and advance materials: Pacific War and Peace: Americans of Japanese Ancestry in the Military Intelligence Service (eds., Uyeda and Saiki), panel discussions and oral history videos, press packets and photos

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