Members of the 100th Infantry Battalion moving up to the front lines in Velletri, Italy. May 1944. U.S. Army Signal Corps photo.

During World War II, some 11,000 Japanese Americans from Hawaii and from detention camps in the US mainland served in the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit in the US Army for its size and length of service.

  • Shown at: Presidio Army Museum (San Francisco, CA), Los Angeles County Museum, Balch Institute (Pennsylvania), Bishop Museum (Hawaii)

  • Contents: 90 framed black and white photographs, text and title (20" x 24"). Photo murals available at additional cost (Go For Broke mini-exhibit (60 - 16" x 20") (4 crates) is available, inquire for a details).

  • Advance materials: Go For Broke publication by Chester Tanaka, 50 brochures, press photos

    Running feet: 225 (without murals)
    Weight: 690 lbs.
    Crates: 3 (24" x 27" x 48")
    Security: Moderate
    Requirements: Exhibit insurance must be carried by borrowing agency
    Exhibition period: 8 weeks

    Exhibit fee: Inquire


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