U.S. Detention Camps, 1942 - 1946

Children of Detention Camps
Evacuees with name tags. Hayward, CA. May 8, 1942. Photo by Dorothea Lange, WRA.


This poignant exhibit captures the innocence and acute perceptions of Japanese American children through their eviction and incarceration experience during World War II.

  • Shown at: San Francisco City Hall, Cherry Blossom Festival, Bay Area 50th Anniversary of Executive Order 9066.

  • Contents: 60 black and white framed photographs, text and title (20" x 24").

  • Interpretive materials: Teacher's Guide: Bill of Rights and the World War II Japanese American Internment Experience, slides, classroom kits, and video. Grades 4 - 12. (Classroom kits include mini-exhibit photos and are available to schools at a discount).

    Running feet: 150 feet
    Weight: 460 lbs.
    Crates: 2 (24" x 27" x 48")
    Security: Moderate
    Exhibition period: 8 weeks

    Exhibit fee: Inquire


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