U.S. Detention Camps, 1942 - 1946


Manzanar Relocation Camp, July 1942. Dorothea Lange Photo. National Archives.


This exhibit gives a comprehensive overview of the eviction and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. It includes rare and unusual photos of camp life.

  • Shown at: Jimmy Carter Museum (Atlanta, GA), Swords to Plowshares Gallery (Detroit, MI), Stanford University, Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Northern California for Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • Contents: 90 framed photographs, text and title (20" x 24").

  • Interpretive and advance materials: US Detention Camp booklet, press materials, evacuation poster.

    Running feet: 225
    Weight: 690 lbs.
    Crates: 3 (24" x 27" x 48")
    Security: Moderate
    Exhibition period: 8 weeks

    Exhibit fee: Inquire


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