Strength and Diversity: Japanese American Women, 1885-1990

Strength and Diversity

Issei Woman. Chicago, ca. 1915. Courtesy of Daisy Satoda.

Organized by NJAHS and The Oakland Museum, this exhibit tells the experiences of four generations of Japanese American Women. The exhibit is on national tour with the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Services (SITES).

  • Shown at: The Oakland Museum (CA), Bishop Museum (HI), Oregon Historical Society. The exhibit tour is booked through SITES. Contact NJAHS for tour schedule (415) 431-5007.

  • Contents: 69 photos, text and title panels, Threads of Remembrance quilt, 75 objects with object & case labels and quotes, video.

  • Interpretive and advance materials: Classroom Study Guide: Strength and Diversity, Japanese American Women; Japanese American Women: Three Generations, 1890 to 1990 by Mei Nakano; postcards, press packets and video.

Running feet: 310
Weight: 3,245 lbs..
Crates: 15
Security: High (acording to museum standards)
Requirements: Exhibit insurance, VHS video player & monitor, exhibition cases, free-standing display for 3-panel quilt.
Exhibition period: 10 weeks

Exhibit fee: Inquire with SITES

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