LOCKED IN/LOCKED OUT: Linking Japanese American Internment to Your Rights Today

During World War II, the federal government ordered the removal of all Japanese Americans on the West Coast and their detention in concentration camps. This act, a violation of the Constitution, still reververates today. Or does it? Is the incarceration of Japanese Americans something in the past that won't happen again? Have you or someone you know experiences treatment similar to that faced by the Japanese Americans in World War II? Can you relate internment to a situation in which the Constitutional rights of a person or group are being ignored today? If so, what does the situation mean to you and to other Americans? If the constitutional rights of any one individual or group are violated, how does that affect other Americans?

Express your feeling or thoughts about internment and your civil rights today in an essay, spoken word/poetry piece, or visual art. $500, $300, and $100 winners are awarded in each category.

Download the contest guidelines and the official entry form. To access this form, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.





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