Shibata Gardens 2005: Celebrating Rural Legacies

October 8, 2005 from 11 am - 4 pm

NJAHS is pleased to announce its 2005 Fall fundraiser entitled Shibata Gardens 2005: Celebrating Rural Legacies. The event is set for Saturday, October 8, 2005 from 11 am - 4 pm at Shibata Garden, located in the Mt. Eden Business Park at 25941 Industrial Park, Hayward, CA.

Musical performances by Saichi Kawahara’s Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band, “Kizakura” (taiko) and singer Toru Saito will highlight this annual gathering of NJAHS members and families and new friends in the wonderful setting of Shibata Garden. This year’s event will celebrate the Japanese community’s “Rural Legacies”, a key aspect of the Japanese American experience. NJAHS Board member Judge Ken Kawaichi (Ret.) will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

Tickets are $35/person; $50/family. Children under 12 free! Admission includes Bento Lunch and Live Entertainment. Proceeds to benefit NJAHS. To make reservations or for more info call: 415.921.5007 or download a brochure.

Amid the serenity of the garden,
Celebrate the seeds, roots, shoots and blossoms of our community -

Bring family and friends to share intergenerational stories & performances —

Enjoy Hawaiian folk songs by Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band under the direction of Saichi Kawahara -

Feel the taiko rhythm & energy of Kizakura!!

Take a musical stroll with singer Toru Saito, with old and new tunes that recall memories worth savoring.

Reminisce with M.C. Judge Ken Kawaichi (Ret.)

Come share the exciting performances of Hawaiian folk songs in the mele kui style by Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band under the direction of Saichi Kawahara. Their presentation will feature “the songs of our birth places, our family songs,and the songs that make our families and friends laugh and cry.” Founded in 1984, Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band seeks to educate, embracing the many styles that define the Hawaiian music genre in serving Asian Pacific Islander communities.

The Kizakura Ensemble is a program designed to promote the cultural experience of Japanese taiko (drum) music. Kizakura means yellow cherry tree and is the learning branch of Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble. Kizakura promotes understanding and respect for cultural traditions and values of Japanese taiko, holding intensive classes focusing on taiko basic skills. These skills include knowledge of Japanese customs and traditions associated with taiko music, Japanese rhythmic patterns, proper kata (form), physical conditioning, etiquette, and knowledge of various styles of Japanese drumming.

Community favorite Toru Saito will sing a selection of old and new tunes that bring back memories of things worth savoring, setting the heartwarming atmosphere that NJAHS’ Shibata Garden event is famous for.


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