NJAHS Education Program provides students the tools to prepare themselves as informed citizens in a constitutional democracy. The study of the Japanese American internment is one that all students should reflect upon and their shared  responsibility to protect the rights of all individuals at all times. Particularly in times of crisis, they may be called upon to make difficult decisions that may affect their lives and those of others. In making such critical decisions, they should be free of prejudice, possess an understanding of due process, and become aware of the constitutional and human rights of all people.

Several states and their school districts have mandated February 19th  as the Day of Remembrance to recall the lessons of the Japanese American internment and to provide appropriate instruction on the subject.  NJAHS educational programs are funded in part by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Project.

CLASS KIT: Detention Camp Class Kit

Fee:  $30.00 for 2 week rental, plus any shipping charges.  $50 deposit required.
Grade Level:  4-12 grades. Contact Sathya Seigel: 415-921-5007,
Details about the Camp Class Kit

The Camp Class Kit can be used for hands-on activities in the on the Japanese American WWII internment. These ready-to-use materials for a class of 34 help engage students in developing decision-making and critical-thinking skills.

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